Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bend - Day 1 - Gettin the Heck outta Dodge

We left LA early to avoid traffic. The drive up the 5 was smooth. We stopped at a rest stop for a delicious breakfast of hummus, olive tapanade, tomatoes, sugar snap peas and bagel chips.

While we were eating, I got in touch with Dean the Rafting Machine, a cutie who I had just met on my online dating site. He was on vacation too, traveling up to Montana for some rafting with his brother and friends. We talked about meeting up for a rafting trip on the way back from Oregon, he said could meet us up near Crater Lake and try to raft down the Rogue. I got very excited about that possibility.

We pulled into camp around 5 after first checking out Castle Crags State Park which was nice but you could hear the freeway from the campground. I had read about McLoud waterfalls in my "Day Trips with a Splash" book and we asked the ranger about camping there. She said it was very nice and you could hear the river from the campsites. That's exactly what I was looking for. McLoud was only 20 minutes up the road, we camped at Fowler Campground. It was perfect. We set up camp and went exploring.

There are 3 waterfalls at this spot on the McLoud, appropriately named Lower, Middle and Upper Falls.

The 8 hour drive was definitely worth it. The green of the trees, flow of the river, and serenity of nature was invigorating. After exploring, we ate a delicious and healthy dinner of sprouted grain tortilla veggie wraps, drank some wine and read our books.

Approx Cost of Day 1
$25 gas
$15 picnic food
$15 campsite

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