Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bend - Day 9 - Ridge Lake to Home

We chose one more small hike to do early in the morning before the long drive home. We couldn't have picked a more amazing place to go, Ridge Lake, right above the Sulphur Works.

We both agreed the lake didn't have nearly a good enough name. It should've been called Diamond, Emerald, or Exquisite Lake because it was.

Where's Marisa?

Walking back down the path to the car, I was bluesy but satisfied. This road trip had taken us to places I never dreamed we'd be when we left LA 9 days ago. We swam in lakes, rafted on a river, hiked amongst giant trees, hotspringed on sacred Indian Grounds, dined on delicious food, galavanted in Portland, ran a race in Bend, and laughed a lot along the way.

Spontaneous traveling is really my style but rarely does it end up being as seamless and smooth as this trip was. Marisa was the perfect partner in this journey, she has a calmness and confidence about her that I really admire. We are both spontaneous, adventurous and easy going so we got along great. With the assistance of Stella, her iphone, we were able to navigate and find whatever we needed. Gotta love the iphone!

Well, my restlessness from being in the city too long has been quelled. For now at least. More LOLA adventures to come!!