Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bend - Day 8 - Lassen National Park

We all woke up cozy on the beach by the river. Marisa had stayed up almost all night watching the meteor shower. Dean had to get back to the OC that night so he left around 9am for the long drive home. Marisa and I packed up, had some coffee and cereal and headed down the 5 for Lassen Volcanic National Park. We stopped on the way for lunch at this glorious spot in front of Mt. Shasta.

We arrived at Lassen around 4pm and were lucky enough to find one of the last open campsites at Summit Lake North Campground. We rolled up, got our thermarests out, and took a nappy nap by the lake. It was absolutely serene.

I wanted to squeeze a short hike in before dark so we decided on the 3 mile jaunt up to Echo Lake. I had no idea how beautiful it would be.

We came pretty close to the lightning fires that were happening nearby.

Echo lake was peaceful and gorgeous. We played around on a log that had fallen in the water for a bit, soaked our feet in the crystal clear water...

and headed back to camp to make my favorite camping dish, The Cococnut Curry Concoction.

It was a fabulous meal to to eat on our last night of bliss.

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