Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bend - Day 5 - The Race

I didn't get to register for the race because they were sold out so I dropped the girls off at Shevlin Park at 7:30am, went and had breakfast, then drove back to the park and found a place to park and meet them at the finish line. I ended up running my own trail through the park and it was awesome. The park is a small but long valley, with giant pine trees lining a creek that runs through it. The girls finished around 10am and I got there just in time for a photo op.

Everyone was sore, tired and hungry. We stopped at a health food store for some picnicy food and headed back to the river to soak our feet and freshen up. This spot on the river was soooo LOLA!

We got stuck in traffic on the way back to Portland. It wasn't exactly torture with this view.

The car was overloaded with all our stuff. Kerry and Jill were squished in the back. They needed to stretch.

Our dinner at Slow Bar in Portland was fabulous. It was a warm night and the beers were just right.

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