Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bend - Day 4 - Heading to Bend

Marisa wanted to take us to a great breakfast place in downtown Portland called Mothers, but unfortunately when we got there, it was a 30min wait so we walked down the street to Morning Star Cafe. We loved our food and the prices were right but we had to wait almost and hour for the food because the head chef had walked out that morning. We could of just gone to Mothers. Oh well.

The 3 hour drive to Bend was gorgeous, we stopped along the way to pee and enjoy the trees and bridges.

There was a cool bridge we stopped at. I'm not sure what the girls are doing with their arms but it's cute.

We registered for the race at the Foot Zone in Bend and had a bite to eat at The Tavern. The chicken sandwiches were amazing.

Our campsite at Tumalo just outside of Bend was a sweet little family campground. Our site ended up being right next to the playground, so it wasn't exactly private but we were only there for one night. After setting up our tents, we took a short jaunt to see the lovely Deschutes and went to bed early for the big race the next day.

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